Manuscript Consultation & Coaching:

Manuscript consultations, detailed editing, and writing coaching.

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Writing mentorship has been essential to my success as a writer. I revised my essay collection, Made Holy, countless times with the help of other writers who offered consultation and coaching that resulted in me writing a book I adore (forthcoming from the University of Georgia Press, September 2019). Without the perspective of a strong reader and the insight and support of talented writing coaches and mentors, I couldn’t have reached this goal.

For years, I’ve honed my talents as a teacher, editor, and mentor with one simple idea: Given the right support, every writer can be successful. If you don’t feel you’ve reached your writing goals, think about what kind of support you really need in order to do so. For most writers it’s about time and dedication– scheduling and practicing. But to get there we often need the right mentor to spark our confidence, outline the basics, and hold us accountable.

That’s where I come in: As an editor for Atlas & Alice literary magazine, manuscript consultant, and college writing instructor, I’ve coached writers through the process of creating essays, stories, and books for over ten years.

  • I offer a simple, relaxed approach tailored to meet your specific needs and goals as a writer;
  • Mentorship and coaching designed to kickstart your writing process, identify what needs work and what’s working, and help you build a sustainable writing practice;
  • And step-by-step feedback on developing the essentials of writing such as a clear and consistent voice, a tone based on intended audience, a style that highlights your strengths, and a compelling narrative or structure.
  • For manuscript consultations, I offer tailored feedback, depending on where you’re at in your process.
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Manuscript consultations — this is an in-depth review of your manuscript much like a peer review process or working with an editor or agent. If you’ve revised your manuscript at least once and are looking for insight and direction, this is the ideal next step.

Writing coaching — a longer process where we work together to develop your writing. This is ideal if you’re struggling to get started or need more guidance and structured feedback. You set the pace and define your objectives.

Editing services — detailed copyediting services for anything you’d like support with!

Get in touch: The first step is reaching out. Email me at to get started or click here.

Happy writing!

Emily’s editorial guidance, from detailed line edits to larger developmental feedback, demonstrates the diversity of her knowledge of genre, her passion for lyricism, imagery, and narrative, and her profound appreciation for language in all forms. She is a trusted reader with an invaluable eye.

Jericho Parms, author of Lost Wax

My editor at Atlas & Alice, Emily, gave me the opportunity to effectuate feedback, while preserving the integrity of my writing—this is her trustworthy intellect at work. She presented edits and suggestions which intensified my sense of language’s nuances; and, over a year later, she remains a provider of profound professional advice fit for all creatives.

–Paige Lalain, author of “Malady, Melody